Inspired by Water

Welcome to the world of balance and sustainability. We provide a solution with a touch of nature,
using behaviour and properties of water to generate electric power in a completely new way.

rotor turbíny
Rotor with diameter of 280 mm


The PROTUR Turbine (Precession Rolling TURbine) system is the name for an improved bladeless rolling turbine.

The basic advantage of the PROTUR system is its ability to work efficiently with low water flow rates and small gradients of the terrain.

The system of PROTUR Turbine was invented by Miroslav Sedláček at the end of the 20th century. Technical improvement of the original rolling principle was undertaken by companies P.F – Economy consulting and ŽĎAS. The PROTUR system is patent protected worldwide now.

Testing Facility with different gradients


2013 to 2017

During this time, the project of rolling turbine was under the management and partnership cooperation with the inventor, the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Czech Technical University in Prague, and the company P.F – Economy consulting, spol. s r.o.

2018 to 2019

Partnership with ŽĎAS, a traditional Czech engineering and metallurgical company, was established. During this cooperation, the turbine design has been further improved, all necessary testing carried out and preparation for the series production started.


Negotiations with strategic business partners are ongoing, and the turbine is being brought into operation.


A turbine series with the rotor diameter of 280 mm has been developed, tested and certified.

The series named PROTUR 280 is intended for three different levels of water gradients:

PROTUR 280-I do 0.6 m
PROTUR 280-II do 1.2 m
PROTUR 280-III do 1.5 m


1 m
Water flow
100 l/s
0,5 kW
Daily production
12 kWh


There is no comparable micro energy equipment in the market now. Its main advantage is the fact that it can be used even from extremely low gradients (e.g. 40 centimeters), and provide suitable energy. With a higher flow, more individual machines can be integrated in one common output.


  • Decentralized source for rural areas
  • Stable and continual operation 24/7/365
  • Environmental and renewable energy
  • Independent on resource suppliers
  • Fast implementation
  • Mobile



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