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The PROTUR Turbine system (Precession ROlling TURbine) is the name of an improved bladeless rolling turbine with zero environmental impact on the environment and climate change.

The main advantage of the PROTUR system is the ability to work efficiently with small water flow rates and low gradients, for example only 40 cm and to produce adequate energy. Compared to solar and wind solutions, PROTUR turbines have zero environmental impact and are continuous energy source with maintenance-free operation and mobile solution. In the case of higher water flow several individual machines can be integrated into one common outlet. A simple installation can be completed in a few days without a large number of professional staff.

The PROTUR company focus is very small water sources that are not reachable with commonly available technologies. This applies to various industrial plants and to natural conditions. We make proposals for a specific installation in a very short time and in cooperation with other professional workplaces.

The PROTUR Turbine system was invented by Miroslav Sedláček at the end of the 20th century. The technical improvement of the original rolling stock was demonstrated by the company P.F – Economy consulting and ŽĎAS, a.s.

At present there is no comparable micro energy device anywhere on the market and the PROTUR system is now protected worldwide by a patent.


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