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The PROTUR Turbine (Precession ROlling TURbine) system is an improved bladeless rolling turbine with zero ecological impact on the environment. It is a maintenance-free continuous source of electrical energy working in 24/7/365 mode.

The original prototype of the PROTUR Turbine system was invented by Miroslav Sedláček at the end of the 20th century and was further improved and developed by the companies P.F – Economy Consulting and ŽĎAS. At ŽĎAS, a modern, fully-equipped test room was built and put into operation in June 2021. This room serves the needs of further research, development and testing of the turbines, as well as PROTUR presentations and demonstrations.

PROTUR focuses on very small water resources that cannot be used with commonly available technologies. This applies both to various industrial operations and to natural conditions. We carry out proposals for a specific installation in a very short time and in cooperation with various specialist workplaces.

Currently, there is no comparable micro-energy device on the market, and the PROTUR system is therefore protected by all the necessary patents worldwide.

Are you interested in learning more about PROTUR? Feel free to get in touch with one of the members of our team:


Petr Frydrych, MBA

Miloš Janeček

+420 724 259 934

Lukáš Chmel, MBA