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The PROTUR Turbine system (Precession Rolling TURbine) is an improved bladeless rolling turbine with zero environmental impact and climate change. Compared to solar and wind solutions, PROTUR turbines have zero environmental impact and are a continuous source of electricity in the 24/7/365 mode, with minimal maintenance during operation.

The PROTUR company focuses on very small water sources that are not usable by commonly available technologies. This applies to various industrial plants such as WWTP stations, WWD, cooling circuits of melting furnaces or power plants, waterworks, new or old mining works, as well as to natural watercourses, ponds, storage ponds, irrigation canals, weirs, dams, reservoirs, swimming pools and other water sources with sufficient water slope and flow. We carry out proposals connected with the assessment of a specific installation in a very short time. We have our own designers at our disposal, and we also cooperate with various professional workplaces. We offer turnkey project deliveries of our turbines.

The principle of the PROTUR Turbine system was invented by Miroslav Sedláček at the end of the 20th century. The technical improvement of the original rolling principle was performed by P.F – Economy consulting and ŽĎAS.

For the needs of further research, development, presentation and testing of the PROTUR turbines, a modernly equipped testing laboratory, which was built in the company ŽĎAS and put into operation in June 2021.

There is no comparable micro-energy device anywhere on the market at this moment and the PROTUR system is therefore now protected worldwide by all necessary patents.


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