Welcome to the world of balance and sustainability. We provide a solution with a touch of nature,
using behaviour and properties of water to generate electric power in a completely new way.

The basic advantage of PROTUR turbines is the ability to work efficiently with very low water gradients and small flows. The aim of these turbines is to contribute to the strengthening of sustainable development across various industrial and agricultural sectors and to generate electricity without negative environmental impacts in places where it is not possible to use other turbines.

PROTUR turbines are absolutely environmentally friendly and do not require any lubricants or other petroleum products for their operation, so there is no risk of any possible pollution of the flowing water. Their construction is designed to not release any microplasts into the flowing water during their operation.

Turbine installation is very simple and requires almost no construction modifications. The same applies to securing the water supply.

We currently offer PROTUR turbines in two basic series, PROTUR 600 and PROTUR 300. With the PROTUR 300 system, we can offer three more construction versions according to the available local slope height. We offer both series of turbines in a configuration as a separate, independent source of electricity production equipped with all necessary electrical accessories, including battery storage. PROTUR turbines can also be combined with solar panels or delivered in a version, which is already ready for phasing the produced electricity into the grid.