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PROTUR microwater turbines work efficiently in very low water slopes and small flows. They produce clean electrical energy without negative environmental impacts in places where it is not possible to use other solutions. Their significant added value is water oxygenation.

They are absolutely environmentally friendly, do not require any lubricants or other products for their operation, do not release microplastics, do not change the water quality, and do not pose risks of water pollution.

The installation of the turbines is very simple and requires almost no construction modifications. Due to their dimensions and technical characteristics, the turbines are also not transverse obstacles in the water flow.

PROTUR Turbine milestones

  • Professor Sedláček discovers the principle of a rolling water turbine
  • Laboratory development in the years 2013 – 2017 with the participation of Professor Sedláček, the company P. F – Economy Consulting and the Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU
  • Involvement of the ŽĎAS a.s., construction of a new test facility, development and first industrial applications (2017 – 2021)
  • Two basic product lines, dozens of successful installations in the Czech Republic, development of cooperation with other states, legislative steps and research on non-invasiveness for flora and fauna (2021 to present)



  • Ikonka

    100% gentle to the environment

  • Ikonka

    A new way of energy production

  • Ikonka

    Connection option with solar panels



The PROTUR turbine is currently supplied in two basic series with all necessary electrical accessories including battery storage. It can be combined with solar panels as well as installed in a version for phasing the generated electrical energy into the network.