20 03 ŽĎAS - Aquatherm 2020 LQ-25



Grand opening of the PROTUR turbine test room

On Thursday, June 3, 2021, with the participation of eminent guests was realized the grand opening of the new PROTUR turbine test room, which will be used for further development…
20 06 ŽĎAS – Prezentace PROTUR Ledvice LQ-1

PROTUR Presentation at Ledvice Power Station

Pavel Cesnek, Managing Director of ZDAS, together with Milos Janecek and Petr Frydrych presented a system of four PROTUR turbines took place at Ledvice Power Station on Thursday 4 June.…
20 03 ŽĎAS – Aquatherm 2020 LQ-1

Aquatherm Prague, 3 to 6 March 2020

PROTUR Company presented an exhibit representing the new generation of bladeless rolling turbine at Aquatherm trade fair. The model as well as the real assembly attracted number of visitors, from…


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